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Behind the Scenes at Maplewood Farm

We haven’t been in a while, but my kids absolutely LOVE Maplewood Farm.  If you haven’t been you must go.   Take your own children, or, if you don’t have any be a sport and give some deserving friends a break and take their kids!!

In the coming weeks, children will get a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look into the operation of the Farm. Activities include egg collection and washing, animal grooming, setting up feed and exploring “Staff Only” areas. Session goes for about one hour. Read more…

Skinny streets…will they cinch the cost of Vancouver housing?

Three Vancouver neighbourhoods, including Grandview-Woodlands, Marpole and the West End, are set to become the first in the city — not to mention the country — to see the development of smaller-sized homes, duplexes and row houses on under-utilized residential streets and back lanes. Read more…

The Vancouver real EAST-ate debate

“Frankly, the east vs. west debate is tired.  you seem to instigate/need it though, strange.” – comment from a Thirties Grind reader

Is it true…is the east vs. west debate tired?  I think so…which was actually the point I was trying to make in my last Absurd Vancouver Property of the Week post.

I grew up on the West side.  I remember when we were warned not to go “East of Cambie” as it was “rough” there.  I don’t really know whether or not that was true or if it was something parents said just to keep us from venturing too far away from home.  I have friends who grew up on the Eastside and say it was fantastic.  I also know others who say it really was tough. Read more…

Leading Moms 2012: Inspiring Talks by Extraordinary Moms

Next week, I have the pleasure of being a media ambassador at an exciting event.  Leading Moms, co-hosted by EntrepreneurMomNowVancouver, and Modern Mama, promises to be a day filled with enlightenment, energy and (surely with this many women in one room) lots of laughs!

Premiere Christy Clark is the keynote speaker and Pamela Martin is MC-ing. Read more…

The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Connie Peters

Connie Peters is a mom of three girls in Vancouver.  She founded Modern Mama ( in 2008 and Urban Infant magazine (Edmonton) in 2010.  She juggles her daughter’s schedules around business and family time and the things she adores most about Vancouver are the Aquarium, Kits Beach and the supportive and collaborative mom-entrepreneur community here.

Read more…

Win two Tickets to the Vancouver Home + Design Show


The 2012 Vancouver Home + Design Show is October 11th to 14th at BC Place Stadium!  Spend a day getting ideas about your next design or renovation project, or just dream about the possibilities ahead if and when you do have a space you want to doll up! Read more…

Free Nursing Cover from Udder Covers

Man, am I glad I don’t need one of these anymore, but if I did, I sure wouldn’t mind getting it for free.

Just found this code on the Deals for Mommy website…go to and use the promo code DFMFall2012 to get your free nursing cover!

You’re welcome!

Happy breastfeeding, mommies!!

Absurd Vancouver Property of the Week (September 20th, 2012)

Can anyone tell me why, exactly, anyone would pay $1.3 million dollars for this home (just west of Main Street):

Why???  When, literally, 4 blocks away (east of Main Street) you could buy this for $789K:

I get that there is a difference in the lot size, but it still boggles my mind.  Are people still wrapped up in having the precious “W.” in front of their address?  Surely we’ve moved past the “Eastside vs. Westside” b.s. …who cares?  Obviously, people do – and it is reflected in the housing costs.

Tell me your thoughts?  Am I missing something here?

Vancouver…are you f*%#ing kidding me?



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The Wild Wild West of Real Estate


The irony of this poster was just too much.  “Homes for millions” certainly doesn’t mean the same thing anymore!

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