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How I got my groove back…

Me and the amazing Christine Pilkington of

Me and the amazing Christine Pilkington of

For a few years I was lost.

I don’t mean literally lost, like out in the forest, wondering when the rescue team was going to come an find me.  I mean that between my kids and marriage and job and everything else going on in life I lost me. Melissa Carr – as I knew her – had kind of faded into the background.  I don’t think this is uncommon at all.  Life happens and if you don’t keep checking in with yourself once in a while…poof!

When I started this blog just about a year and a half ago, it was a little leap to reconnect with my Melissa.  Melissa who loves to write, make people laugh, be irreverent…create.  I had no idea what my goal was…hell, I didn’t have one.  I just needed something.  What has happened since I hit “Publish” on that first post has been incredible! Read more…

Absurd Vancouver Property (May 30, 2013)

We’re on to the flatlands of Saskatchewan this week.  I thought instead of picking a price point, I’d have a look at what an average home costs in Regina.

Renovated Character Home – $335K

saskatchewan 1

Everything in this cute family home has been lovingly restored.  Complete with a large back yard for the kids to run around in. Read more…

I’m going national, baby!!


Last night I had the pleasure of joining guest host, Greg Mackling on CJOB Winnipeg to talk Absurd Vancouver Properties, kids walking to school…and other trials and tribulations of TheThirtiesGrind!  You can listen to the segment here:



Perfect snacks for the wedding day limo!

snackbox may

Last week I was the Maid of Honour at my cousin’s wedding.  Months of preparation led up to this day.  The morning of a wedding is stressful…hair, makeup, tears and lots of rushing!  By the time you get out to the car to go, you are STARVING!!  Thank goodness my May Snackbox arrived the evening before the big day.  Perfect timing.

The Snackbox was filled with awesome staples that kept us going throughout the day.  My cousin is gluten intolerant, so it was awesome to have a bunch of snacks that were all safe and yummy for her to eat! Read more…

The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Kerry Sauriol

RRHOV ButtonKerry Sauriol is the Vancouver mom behind the blog Crunchy Carpets. She has three children and sundry pets and tries to balance it all and keep her sanity. Her blog focuses on the juggling act called parenting. In her case the act of juggling a preschooler, two burgeoning ‘tweens,’ and keeping them all out of therapy when they are older.

Kerry has spoken at Northern Voice, been seen and heard on CBC, and featured in the Globe & Mail. Beyond children, her other passion is social media and she runs a social media management company called SAHMedia. You can find her on Twitter at @CrunchyCarpets. Read more…

Mom-cabulary Monday

I’ve decided to start a new series – Mom-cabulary Monday.  Each week, I’ll pick a word that either describes or relates to mommy-hood (or parenting in general – dads, please don’t feel left out!).

This week our word is:

mombré Read more…

When Mama pees her pants…

Okay, for the gentlemen out there this may be TMI – so consider yourselves warned.

I (like many women) have found that since I had my kids I am weak…VERY weak in the bladder department.  It’s a problem.  How humiliating to not be able to run, jump – effin’ sneeze sometimes – without being able to hold it in.

wellness worksWhen I was given the opportunity to learn how I could work to stop this from happening I jumped (…er, maybe not) at the chance.  Wellness Works is a small group of Corrective Exercise Specialists in Vancouver.  They help people to get to know their bodies, to heal, to relearn how to move properly, to overcome injuries and pain.

Currently, Wellness Works is focusing their practice on mothers who are struggling with low-back, pelvic pain, or bladder “leaking” after having their kids.  How relieved was I to learn that I am not the only one who occasionally pee pees her panties!! Read more…

Vancouver’s Little Nest is closing due to unaffordable rent

little_nestI was saddened to read in The Vancouver Courier that Little Nest, the much loved, kid-friendly cafe on Commercial Drive, will be closing its doors.  Owner and pastry chef, Mary Macintyre says she can’t afford the rent.
Read more…

I’ll drink to that.

I love Emily’s voice and take on parenthood! In particular, we share the same views on self-medication. This post is so awesome.

Regressive Parenting

Mom's a wino.

It’s Friday, and the greatest day of all the days, because at the end of it there is hope—hope for enough sunny weather to have maybe a few meltdown-free visits to the park, or an un-whiny trip to Starbucks or the supermarket, and for maybe a wet kiss or two on the neck or the ear from a boy so small he hasn’t learned to purse his lips together yet. As I was sharing my enthusiasm for this day with another mother in the daycare pick-up mob, she sanctimommied my work-week-weary ass.

“Any big plans for the weekend?” She started, innocently enough.

“Nothing major—but I am looking forward to sharing the bathtub with David Sedaris and a little chardonnay this evening,” I replied.

“Oh,” she said, furrowing her brow. “But I thought you’d said you were planning to drink wine last weekend?”


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Are we driving our kids to unhealthy habits?

walkingA recent report by Active Healthy Kids Canada revealed that only 34 per cent of children in this province are walking or biking to school, while 50 per cent are being driven to school, or take the bus or train.

The report also shows a considerable difference in the habits this generation of children versus their parents.  While 58 per cent of us walked to school when we were kids, only 28 per cent of our kids are doing the same today across Canada.

I get it.  Especially in Vancouver. Read more…

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