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Vancouver Real Estate: city block in Kerrisdale listed for $28 million…


It’s where the “creme de la creme” of Vancouver society dwell.  Kerrisdale.  Home to expensive boutiques, pensioners, private schools and empty houses.

For the bargain price of $28 million, you could be the proud owner of an entire city block of this prestigious neighborhood.  The land in question is zoned C-2 by the City of Vancouver, which would allow a buyer to knock down the existing buildings and erect a four stories of retail shops, and condos.  A developer stands to make a tidy little profit here.  The current owner has been holding the property for a while, but has recently decided to sell.  I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the possibility that CP Rail could eventually be running cargo trains down the corridor adjacent to this block.  That might make any development a hard sell.  I’m not sure buyers in a Kerrisdale neighbourhood are looking for the same urban grit as those keen to purchase hip condos in Vancouver’s Railtown district.

kerrisdale block

But, it begs the question.  Who does want to live in Kerrisdale?  When I was growing up it was considered an affluent neighbourhood, but it was still very family oriented.  There were lots of affordable little rental apartments and numerous families lived in the neighbourhood with their children attending local public schools like Point Grey and McGee.  However, when I’ve recently visited, I have noticed many of the boutique shops are closing and I hear endless reports of beautiful homes sitting empty.

Doesn’t sound like a vibrant, inviting neighbourhood to me.

Perhaps a new development will breathe some life into this south Vancouver community…and, look, correct me if I’m wrong.  Maybe Kerrisdale still is a great place to live…if you can afford it.

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One thought on “Vancouver Real Estate: city block in Kerrisdale listed for $28 million…

  1. You’ve touched upon an issue that’s really been on my mind lately. I grew up in South Van/Marpole. At the time, we had tons of kids in the neighborhood who are still my friends today. One of the guys I grew up with got married this summer and I was the best man at the wedding. Like most, I moved away from the neighborhood but now that i have a family, we moved back to Marpole so my son could grow up in a house. The problem is there are no families left in the neighborhood! The schools are under enrolled, the parks are largely empty, no one wants to get involved. The neighborhood spends so much time fighting against developments along Cambie, complaining about low income families possibly moving to the neighborhood, to noise, to traffic, that they seem to miss out what they have already lost: children! There is no vibrancy in the community anymore. Last time I went to a park in Kerrisdale there wasn’t a soul in sight. It’s become a neighborhood for the wealthy, the elderly, and the people that moved there 30 years ago when it was affordable. I don’t know what the solution is, but the Vancouver I grew up in is not the same as the one my son is growing up in, and that’s a shame.

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