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Eric and Ilsa make $25K a month but can’t afford a house


Eric and Ilsa are like many Vancouver couples…they are grappling with the cost of housing in Vancouver, struggling to find a way to afford a home for their family of 7 to call their own.  However, Eric and Ilsa have a combined income of $350K/year (which will increase to $450K when Ilsa returns to work).  Nevertheless, the two (who by the way have been living rent-free in a relative’s house) cannot figure out for the life of them how they can afford a house for their family in our fair city. Read more…

Only in Surrey: the truth hurts…maybe deal with it?

From the "Only in Surrey" Facebook page.

From the “Only in Surrey” Facebook page.

The Surrey Board of Trade is asking that a Facebook page, entitled “Only in Surrey” be taken down.

Wow…does stuff like this ever piss me off.  Read more…

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