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Vancouver house (East of Main) for under $650K!!

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Houses go up for sale in my neighbourhood all the time.  I am continually shocked at the sticker prices although, after all this time, I’m really not sure why.  Recently, a little house at the end of my block had a sign appear outside of it.  Hmmmm…I wondered.  How much for this one?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you can own a house just east of Main Street for under $650K.  Keep in mind, however, that this is what it looks like!


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5 thoughts on “Vancouver house (East of Main) for under $650K!!

  1. this wouldn’t even be offered for $65K back in my hometown of Kansas City. I gave up the idea of homeownership long after moving to vancouver. I’ll stick to the what I have noticed in travels across this world… that the majority seem to rent and in the end, probably just as fine.

  2. Small lots are one way to achieve affordability…this lot is 24.75′ x 73.3′. Townhouses or rowhouses are another.

  3. Yup. its crazy. its now just a game to see how much they’re charging and for WHAT? The shock and disbelief will never waver, lol! (laughing through poor person – aka under $400K – tears)

  4. Someone on said:

    Interesting post about the current state of real estate here in the lower mainland.

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