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STOP IT!! I’m sick of seeing gross stuff at the public pool

I’ve been taking my kids swimming since they were babies.  Over the years, I have become more and more appalled by what people seem to think is okay behavior at public swimming pools.  So much so, that I actually think people need a list they can review when it comes public pool etiquette. Read more…

Renovating in Vancouver: tempered expectations

So…we have the architect and have hired a contractor.  Over the last few weeks a lot has happened – alas, no actual work to our house has begun.

When we were originally looking at our upstairs, we wanted modify the layout so that we would have three bedrooms (we currently have two), a family bathroom and a three-piece ensuite in our master bedroom.  Our architect drew up the plans, which called for the family bathroom being bumped into what will be our son’s room.  Also, in order to gain the full ceiling height across the east side of our house, we planned to extend an existing pocket dormer (which houses the bathroom) the full length of the house.

Everything was looking amazing and we were getting super excited.  Then we consulted with an engineer. Read more…

#DontHave1Million might be my favourite thing on the Internet right now

An online campaign, which highlights Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis is going viral.

#DontHave1Million features posts of people on Twitter and Instagram holding up signs with the hashtag, their age and their profession. Here are just a few examples:


Read more…

Absurd Vancouver Property: Italian Village vs. Burnaby house

It’s been a while since I have posted a property comparison.  However, someone shared a link on my Facebook page and I figured I had to find what you could buy in Vancouver for the same price as an entire Italian village. Read more…

East Vancouver Real Estate: is it time to take the money and run??

It feels like there are more and more homes for sale in East Vancouver these days…and that these homes are fetching prices that, even six months ago, would have seemed absurd. Read more…

Whispers from the Westside: empty preschools


I’m toying with an idea for a new series on here…one that exposes the effect of real estate speculation on Vancouver’s neighbourhoods.  Namely the Westside, where property prices have increased so dramatically, that most people are completely priced out of the area.  As someone who grew up in Dunbar, which during my childhood was a quite idyllic (lots of kids playing in the parks, people shopping and eating in local establishments, neighbours getting together for block parties), I am consistently taken aback by how much things have changed. Read more…

Income required to own a home in Canadian cities

We all know the cost of living and affording a home is increasing in Vancouver…but what about in other parts of Canada? This handy infographic shows what income is required to afford a home in various Canadian cities. Read more…

Vancouver Real Estate: A House in Kits for $739K?

Okay, it’s a town home and it has only 899 square feet of living space. But if you step inside this Vancouver house, the efficient layout will definitely make you think the listing description had you fooled. The general impression is of a lot more space than what’s advertised!

p2p1 Read more…

A house on Vancouver’s westside for under $1 million!


Yup…you read it here first. There is a house (an actual house…not a coach house, not a basement suite) a HOUSE on Vancouver’s westside listed for under $1 million. Read more…

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