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Absurd Vancouver Property: Italian Village vs. Burnaby house

It’s been a while since I have posted a property comparison.  However, someone shared a link on my Facebook page and I figured I had to find what you could buy in Vancouver for the same price as an entire Italian village.

Here’s the deal.  The village of Valle Piola (pictured above), which is surrounded by wild and mountainous terrain in the heart of one of the country’s biggest national parks, is on the market for 550,000 Euros (or around $700K Canadian).  The article state that Valle Piola is “…a particular gem, consisting of 11 crumbling stone buildings, including a half-ruined 13th century church and two shepherds’ houses.”

In Vancouver, $700K would hardly get you into a 2 bedroom condo…nevermind a house.  I did find one in Burnaby, though.


Valle Piola is being sold because:

The local council, along with an elderly man who owns some of the buildings, has put Valle Piola on the market for €550,000 because there are no public funds to protect the place from vandals, let alone restore it.

Honestly, this is what the future of Vancouver could look like if we are not careful to ensure entire neighbourhoods aren’t being left empty by investors who never live in them.

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One thought on “Absurd Vancouver Property: Italian Village vs. Burnaby house

  1. Julian on said:

    Burnaby; the Tuscany of Canada…

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