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#DontHave1Million might be my favourite thing on the Internet right now

An online campaign, which highlights Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis is going viral.

#DontHave1Million features posts of people on Twitter and Instagram holding up signs with the hashtag, their age and their profession. Here are just a few examples:






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4 thoughts on “#DontHave1Million might be my favourite thing on the Internet right now

  1. Kendra on said:

    These professions are also needed elsewhere in the province where a lot of these people will not even consider moving too. Some of these areas are a lot more affordable than Vancouver. I understand that yes, Vancouver needs these services too, but maybe some of them need to start looking away from the lower mainland.

  2. *waits for endless posts from realtors telling us that “all these people are wrong and owning a home is easier than you think!” and trolls saying that all these people are “lazy socialists who should move if they don’t like it here, damn hippies.”*

  3. Boring. We have heard this before a thousand times. If you can’t afford it here, move elsewhere. Simple. Or lower your expectations, a full house with a yard? Very unlikely. Perhaps a condo with no yard? Still unlikely? Try Langley? Alberta? Just stop whining please. I have heard it so many times. Lets talk about the weather or something instead.

  4. E.G. on said:

    Best decision I ever made was moving away from Vancouver. Canada is a big place. Heck, BC is a big place. Lots of opportunities and great places to live elsewhere.

    No need to hang on by the fingernails to an overpriced and fading city whose glory years are becoming ancient history.

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