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STOP IT!! I’m sick of seeing gross stuff at the public pool

I’ve been taking my kids swimming since they were babies.  Over the years, I have become more and more appalled by what people seem to think is okay behavior at public swimming pools.  So much so, that I actually think people need a list they can review when it comes public pool etiquette.

Wear a bathing suit

// goodness sakes…this is a no brainer.  However, I can’t even count the amount of times I have seen people in shorts and t-shirts, underwear, bras, yoga pants (I know it’s Vancouver, but come on!!).  One time a woman was wearing a tank top that was so see-through that I could see her nipples. Another time, someone was wearing a surgical scrub cap.  What the hell?

Please do personal grooming at home

//, you don’t need to exfoliate for 20 minutes in the common showers.  Or shave your legs.  Or pumice your feet.  A new low for me was a gentleman (term used loosely) who thought it would be okay to use a Neti-pot to clean out his sinus cavity while my children rinsed off nearby.  The showers are there to have a quick rinse (and maybe wash your hair).  You don’t need to treat them like a frickin’ spa.

Keep it family friendly

// get going for a swim or steam or hot tub with your significant other…I really do.  But, we don’t all need to see you getting romantic above and under the water.  Take that shit to the parking lot.  Family friendly also applies to your bathing attire.  G-string bikinis are not appropriate, no matter how good you think they look.

The pool is not a toilet or garbage can

// make swim diapers for a reason.  Please, please, please make your children wear one of these if they are not toilet trained!!  And, if your kids are older, have them use the bathroom before entering the pool.  Also, what is UP with all of the band aids that end up floating around the pool?  Is it really so difficult to take a walk to the garbage can?  Maybe while you’re at it, you could take your gross hair ball from the shower stall and throw it away, too?


Finally…please no spitting or blowing the snot from your nose onto the ground.  Would it kill you to grab a tissue?


Honestly, people.  What gives??  Is it SO difficult to be considerate of others??

What’s the grossest thing you’ve observed at a public swimming pool?


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4 thoughts on “STOP IT!! I’m sick of seeing gross stuff at the public pool

  1. My favorite is having to wait, with my son, to use a private shower stall or stall in the family change room while a parent and their child(ren) of the same sex use the shower/stall. OR solo people with no children. They could easily use the appropriate single sex change room – and probably have less of a line-up. To me the family change room is for families that go to the pool with a mix of male and female in their group.

  2. nobody needs to see me in a bathing suit on said:

    Hey, I would rather people wear shorts than nothing, or a g-string. Sometimes ppl are just really self conscious. I hate wearing bathing suits! I usually wear shorts or a tank top over it if I can. Nobody needs to see my cellulite.

  3. Natcho101 on said:

    I went to a public pool twice in a couple months with my young son and I saw the same man pleasuring himself on the jets -the lifeguard did nothing. I joined a private club.

  4. I agree with your post 100%. I loathe public pools. I guess its okay when your kids are little – we did Maple Grove when they were babies and saw it regularly get shut down mid-swim when some non-toilet trained toddler would have an unfortunate accident. Even at Kits Pool in the summer which I feel I have to go to when its so hot grosses me out. I can’t help but think I’m swimming in urine and snot and I wish I could afford a private club membership somewhere!

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