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Absurd Vancouver Property: Downtown eastside house for $1.4 million

Who would have EVER thought that a house in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside would sell for a million dollars…nevermind almost a million and a half .

Careful that some pig shit doesn’t fall on you from the sky.

1.4 million east hastings


haunted 2

I’m also pretty sure this guy comes with the sale:


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4 thoughts on “Absurd Vancouver Property: Downtown eastside house for $1.4 million

  1. Hairhead on said:

    Yesterday I was at a deposition with a couple of lawyers and a notary public who does property transfers. Delta and Surrey are “going nuts.” Seems that people have a valuer come in to set a price on their property, the valuer says, “$$$$$!!”, the owners say, “Ka-ching!!” and get it listed. All three professionals say the market is “crazy”, and that they had never seen this in 35 years.

    “Crazy” always comes to an end — and not necessarily a pleasant one.

  2. Meg Malana on said:

    Haha! Too funny. And yeah, that’s pretty crazy

  3. I couldn’t afford to buy my south Surrey townhouse now-and I only moved in 10 months ago!

  4. Oddly enough, I was thinking that the basement would be a great place to store dead bodies.

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