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Renovating in Vancouver: let’s get this party started

Aaaaaaaaaaand…we’re off!

After a few more weeks of back and forth with our architect and contractor after learning our original plans were going to set us back waaaaay too much in terms of structural upgrades, our upstairs renovation is finally underway.

Here we go!  I've never been so happy to see such a mess in my house!

Here we go! I’ve never been so happy to see such a mess in my house! via Instagram

Although we won’t be gaining the extra head-room, which would have been afforded to us had we gone the more expensive, structurally-demanding route, we (joy of joys!) are still able to squeeze in a three-piece ensuite onto our master bedroom.  I was so excited when we received our final plans, and saw that our genius architect had been able to re-work our floor plans to include this.

With the money saved from not extending our dormer on one side, we will be able to finish other little things around the house that have been bugging me for years: a new back door, a proper pathway in the garden, finishing our laundry room and a few other nit-picky little things my darling husband has neglected to tie up.

Now it’s on to picking fixtures and finishings…the fun part!  Follow along on Pinterest to get an idea of what my thoughts are for each of our new rooms.  I’ll be attempting to chronicle the progress here and hope to do a few posts on the decor for each space.  Of course, I will be sharing all the tips, tricks and deals I find along the way!

Wish us luck!!!

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