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Giving away my extra ticket to Jon Bon Jovi this Saturday at Rogers Arena


I was so excited when I purchased my two tickets to this Saturday’s Jon Bon Jovi concert, originally scheduled to be held at Stanley Park. Alas, due to a whack load of shenanigans, it was cancelled earlier this week by the original promoter Paper Rain Performances.

Then…to my amazement, Jon Bon Jovi and his people stepped up and worked out a deal with Rogers Arena to host the concert there and to honour all of the original ticket sales (around 7000). No more tickets will be sold to the concert. I have two tickets to the show, and my friend who was supposed to come with me has made other plans. Low and behold, I am left with an extra ticket.

What to do, what to do?

Orignally, I was a bit stressed, thinking that now I have to figure out a way to get my money back and sell the ticket. However, as I thought about it more I realized I could just not stress about it and give the ticket away. Jon Bon Jovi is literally giving this concert away..his management say they are taking a financial hit on this show…he’s doing it out of love and respect for his fans. Good guy.

So…in that spirit, I’d like to give away my extra ticket to a deserving fan. It’s face value is $110 (original section GRASS1) and Rogers Arena says they will be seating people according to the value of their tickets. Regardless, this is going to be a great show. Jon Bon does not disappoint.  I know there are probably a lot of you who are deserving…I only wish I had more to give!

Leave a reply below and let me know why you (or someone you know) is deserving of the ticket! I’ll select someone by tomorrow at noon!

Melissa xo

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18 thoughts on “Giving away my extra ticket to Jon Bon Jovi this Saturday at Rogers Arena

  1. Carolyn Fisher on said:

    I love Jon Bin Jovi and have never seen him in concert and would love to go!!

  2. Jacqueline Robinson on said:

    I would love to go see Bon Jovi, I would never be able afford to buy ticket. my fav song Living in sin..oh please pick me..good day…

  3. Robyn Brown on said:

    I’m probably one of Jon Bon Jovi’s longest and oldests fan at 62 years old, and would be thrilled to see him, still rockin out and loving him.

  4. If I told u you would.probably.cry with me… so I won’t plead my case… will only hope u take me…

  5. I’ve seen Jon 3 times – all of which were absolutely fabulous and kept me grooving for a good month after the show. I don’t want to win for me, I’d love to send a friend of mine who is going through some personal struggles – she hasn’t been and I think seeing him live would be a fabulous treat for her!

  6. My best Friend has had a very tough year. Her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year then she was diagnosed in December. After her double mastectomy earlier this year she is now in the clear. She was caring for her sister and family, then for herself (she is single) all with a positive attitude. She is also between jobs due to all the health issues and care giving she has been doing. I would love to see her treated to a fun night out…. 🙂 plus we were grooving to Bon Jovi in our High school years and love his music!

  7. Giovanni smaldino on said:

    My sister, Angela is a big fan! She turns 54 on the weekend and this would be a big boost to her as a single mom and taking care of my elderly parents. She deserves to go!

  8. tara grafton on said:

    i believe my big sister ricci grafton should get picked to go to this concert with you , she has been through alot and has always been there for alot of people , even when she didnt have fight in it for herself , she is and has been a strong women raising and growing with her two small children alot on her own, if you need to know any more about her please contact me back, we grew up listening to jon bon jovi ,and i believe she is you most deserving candidate for this ticket, please and thank you muchly, il babysit ,when she goes to this limited ticket concert with you miss fiona forbes,.have a great time looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow at noon,

    • TheThirtiesGrind on said:

      Hi! Your sister sounds like she deserves a break, for sure! To be clear, this is one ticket and Fiona and I are not coming along. Rogers Arena says there will be open seating according to the ticket value, so you can sit wherever you like in the designated ticket zone! All the best. Melissa

  9. laurie on said:

    I Think that you must be an amazing person to do such a nice thing … hope your friend (s) know how lucky they are!

    • TheThirtiesGrind on said:

      Thank you, Laurie! I really believe your “net worth” is your network. I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and family!

  10. Robert Richardson on said:

    I saw Bon Jovi as an opening act for Judas Priest at the Pacific Coliseum once upon a time, showcasing material he had been recording in Vancouver for a little album called “Slippery When Wet”. My friend Carolynn is a rabid Bon Jovi fan, and she’s been subjecting us to a barrage of Bon Jovi pictures on Facebook for the last few years. Somehow she missed nabbing a ticket to the Stanley Park show and was understandably crushed at the prospect of not seeing her alternate-realtiy-boyfriend in the flesh. She’s a sweet girl and I thought it might be nice to send her to the show, if for no better reason than to exorcise some of these obsessions. She might pass out five seconds after he steps on stage, but I suspect that’s a risk she would be willing to take.

  11. allison on said:

    My aunt is a big fan and the one who i can thank for my never ending love of all bon jovi. She brought me to my first bon jovi concert, maybe you can bring her to this one. A single mom of two teenagers doesn’t have much for herself. Fingers crossed. ( also, way to go! What a generous gesture; you’re awesome!)

  12. Robynn Bunch on said:

    Because I have been working my butt off driving the bus past Rogers arena for the last year and a half making sure the concert goers get home safe. I would love to be the concert goer for a change and I am an eighties gal who loves Bon Jovi and I promise to thoroughly enjoy myself. Thank you respectfully yours. Robynn

  13. Christine on said:

    Take your mommy! She deserves a night out with her BFF/GFF.

  14. Tina L. on said:

    I have been a huge Bon Jovi fan for a long time. The cheaper tickets were sold out when we went to purchase. My sister and I would love to go.

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