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B.C.’s new education curriculum sounds great, but is it really possible?

kids onlineI think that the media likes to stir shit when it comes to BC Education…they know it’s a very, very touchy subject. Yesterday’s article in the Vancouver Sun addressed “major changes” coming to British Columbia’s education curriculum. Changes that would be “optional” for K-9 this year, but mandatory next year.

Education Minister Mike Bernier said the transition is happening because parents want their kids to succeed as technology and innovation reshape society.

“Parents expect their kids to learn the basics — reading, writing and arithmetic. They also want them to learn the collaboration, critical thinking and communications skills they’ll need to succeed in college, university and the workforce,” says Bernier.

“Personalized learning is at the heart of the changes — and teachers will have the time and ability to help kids dig into what interests them. We all know how passionate kids can be when they get into something like music, soccer, or dinosaurs. The new curriculum will give teachers the ability to tap into these passions.”

From The Vancouver Sun (read the full story here).

I feel like the kind of learning intended in the new curriculum is quite forward-thinking an innovated. I believe it would work well in small classrooms, with adequate funding and a balanced group of students. That said, I am uncertain if the landscape of our current public education system can support this new style of learning…as it seems it can barely support the curriculum in it’s current form.

I am also a proponent of ACTUALLY learning the fundamentals of reading and writing and understand basic math concepts. Now, I am not an expert (i.e. a teacher) so I don’t fully understand how this can be accomplished within the proposed changes. Also – technology is great, but the new curriculum’s blatant disregard for the medical community’s advice on limits to “screen time” for developing brains astounds me. Finally…I think these changes will be great for extroverts…but I’m wondering about introverts who may not thrive in working groups.

I guess it all remains to be seen. For now, I’m looking at the proposed changes with cautious and critical optimism. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “B.C.’s new education curriculum sounds great, but is it really possible?

  1. Ugh, this is impossible without proper funding for teachers to have time to do these things. If they doubled teaching staff, maybe. And paid for the time it takes to prep for this, and the materials. I think teachers would love to do this, and do it properly as well as teach all the basics, but I agree with you that they can’t right now.

  2. I personally dislike that kids are being exposed to so much technology in school – I don’t think a kindergardener needs an iPad in the library. I never take my daughter to Newton Library because they have iPads RIGHT in the kids section. I want my kid to succeed at LIFE – not technology. If it’s a passion for her she’ll seek it out. I really REALLY don’t want to see creative kids left behind in this.

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