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Le Marche St. George in danger of being closed down: is it the owner’s fault?


Yesterday I wrote a piece on one of my favourite local cafes, Le Marche St. George. Recently, due to a neighbour complaint, the City of Vancouver paid a visit to the artisan shop and cafe. Although, the store owners have a permit to avail of the outdoor space for seating, what it appears they don’t have in order is a permit to operate their business as a cafe/restaurant. Unfortunately, because the City has now opened a file on the case, the cafe is in danger of being closed down.

At first, when I read about this I was outraged and thought what a grouch of a neighbour for complaining in the first place. What I have since learned is that this neighbour is legally blind. She has been finding it hard for some time to navigate the pathway outside of the cafe due to the chairs and strollers and toys that are often strewn around. In my opinion, the neighbour could have taken a different approach from calling the City. I am certain if she did, indeed, try to deal with the cafe owners personally she may have been able to resolve her issues (the owners are kind people – I’ve met them). However, the predicament they are in now are not exactly due to “the complaints of a single neighbour.” Nope. They are in danger of having their business shut down because they do not have the proper licenses in place to operate as they are. Read more…

Save Le Marché St. George! Neighbour complaints may force local gem to close its doors

le marcheWow…it’s lovely to see the Grinch is alive and well in Vancouver. Le Marché St. George is one of my favourite spots in our beautiful neighbourhood. With everything from local eggs and honey, to probably the best pain au chocolat this side of the Sienne, I cannot imagine why anyone would gripe about having such a wonderful, warm spot on their block. Alas, someone has filed a complaint with the City of Vancouver.

According the Le Marché’s Facebook page: Read more…

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