the thirties grind

get up, go to work, raise kids, pay bills, sleep. repeat.


Mama, did you know calories are bad?

Stop the Insanity: putting the breaks on my children’s love affair with sugar!

Eh…What’s Up Doc?  Easy Carrot Slaw

The Sky Is Falling: Easing Anxiety in Young Children

A bucket list for kids? Are you f*%#ing kidding me?

As if we aren’t stressed out enough as parents…here come the Fraser Institute rankings for schools.

The Conversation, Gwyneth Paltrow and Postpartum Depression: “You never totally get rid of it.”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby….But, You’re MY BABY!!

To epi or not to epi? That is the question…

The Reluctant Chef: parenting a severely allergic child

One thought on “Kids

  1. without calories, you would die. who taught them that they are bad? training for a future eating disorder perhaps?

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