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WE WANT IT: Heart and Stroke Foundation launches movement to get nutritional information into BC Restaurants

We’ve all been there…you go out for a meal and sit staring at the menu, not knowing what to choose.  Sometimes it’s because there are too many choices, sometimes there aren’t enough.  Sometimes it’s because we don’t know if what we want to order is good for us.  And…fair enough.  Two thirds of Canadians want to know the nutritional contents of the meal they order.   We go to great lengths in our lives these days to live and eat healthily.  It is important to many of us to know what we are putting into our bodies.  For others, knowing the nutritional facts about the meal they eat is an important part of a dietary plan that is saving their lives.

The Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation has launched so people can tell BC restaurants to list the calories, fat, sugar, and sodium and other nutritional information for their menu items.

“Our goal is to show restaurant owners that nutrition information is vitally important to their customers,” said Gavin Arthur, Vice President of Research and Health Promotion at the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “Everyone likes to indulge now and then, but we are encouraging restaurants to give people the information they need to make an informed choice.”

On the website, people can identify their favourite restaurant and add their first name to the We Want It list. Heart and Stroke Foundation will send the list to each restaurant identified.  Include the reason you want it and you could win a gift card to a participating Health Check restaurant.

Join the movement at  To spread the word, and for a chance to win an unlimited week’s free pass to Kalev Fitness, tweet out the following message on Twitter:

I want it. #TheThirtiesGrind wants it. #BCWantsIt. RT + join the movement to get nutritional info into BC restaurants.

Why I’m saying yes to (Mom) Bangs…


One of the most moronic articles I’ve read in a while came across my Facebook and Twitter feeds today.  Some author was all in a huff about how J.Lo and Michelle Obama had gone out and gotten “Mom Bangs”.

WTF are Mom Bangs??

She states how bangs are just another way for women to cover up wrinkles…and that they are childish.

Lacking any evidence, many of us can get lured into thinking bangs make us look more youthful. But maybe…I’m whispering now…maybe they just make us look more stupid.

She then goes on to say that you should only feel free to rock a fringe:

…if you are Jennifer Lopez and pop culture is your primary currency. But not when quiet authority, inner happiness and effective leadership are your goals.

Really?  Having bangs is a statement about what your values are???

I recently did get bangs…and here’s why: Read more…

The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Keeley Saunders

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When they moved back to Canada (after living overseas for seven years), Keeley and her husband found themselves pregnant and welcoming new opportunities in Vancouver. Mary Kay came into her life in May of 2010. Through Mary Kay, Keeley helps women to discover their inner and outer beauty.  Now almost three years later she is enjoying a great career being at home with her now three year old son and five month old daughter.

Read more…

Newsflash: couples with young children not having sex…

I recently read an article discussing a study, which showed that 82% of surveyed new parents value sleep over sex.  It then went on to tell people how to rejuvenate their sex lives post-baby.  Sigh.  I read this and rolled my eyes….

I can relate to new parents who have taken a bit of a “sex sabbatical.”  After experiencing your body morph, expand and stretch in all different directions during pregnancy and childbirth, things just don’t feel the same.  I wish I could say that I was one of those women who loved her post-baby body.  But I didn’t…and I had to work hard at trying to get things back (up) to where they used to be (and let me say this was first and foremost for ME – before anyone else!).   Factor in working full-time and having two little kids.  It was like taking two red-eye flights back to back.  Every. Single. Day.  Result: there was no “mile high club” at my house! Read more…

I’m officially married to an old man…and he’s not Bono.

My darling husband turns 40 today.  Better him than me – what on earth would become of this blog!!  We share our birthday, but I am MUCH younger than him – and I never let him forget it!  I have a few good more years in my 30s and I am planning to enjoy every minute of them!

We got a special video message this morning all the way from Dublin.  Thought I’d share it with you all!

Happy Birthday, Dave!!  Love you, love you, love you! xoxo

Will the future of Vancouver condos look like this? 8 rooms in 350 square feet!

A friend posted this video on their Facebook page today and it made me think…is is possible that micro-condos like this one in Soho, New York are the way of the future for Vancouver apartments? Read more…

The mother I strive to be…


11 of Vancouver’s top mom bloggers have come together to offer their thoughts on what kind of mother we each strive to be.  We began yesterday with the lovely Tairalyn Ciulla of Little Miss Mama.  Today, I offer you my list of what I aspire to as a mother…for better or for worse! Read more…

The REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver: Fannie Smith

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Born in Quebec City, Fannie spent most of the early years of her life moving between la belle Province and the Coast. She returned to Vancouver in 1998 and now considers this her home.

Fannie splits her time between her roles as High Performance Manager for the Disabled Skiers Association of BC  , being involved at different levels with both the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society  and the BC Wheelchair Sports Association, and being a mom to 5 year old Weston and soon to be baby (coming Spring 2013!) She feels blessed every day to be spending her energy doing things that she truly believes in and she is so passionate about.

When she is not biting her nails watching a Canucks game or Wheelchair Rugby, Fannie can be found tweeting, baking, perusing the Farmers Market for fresh kale or attending networking events. Always armed with lip balm, she rarely leaves the house without earrings.

Read more…

Giveaway!! One month unlimited membership to Chopra Yoga Center, Vancouver!

Jordan Junck image

According to Danielle Mika Nagel, Studio Director at Chopra Yoga Center Vancouver and Meditation Specialist, the resolutions that last the longest involve building new behaviors and thought patterns, which then create room for healthier habits. Setting unrealistic goals at the start of the year is the reason most resolutions fall flat come mid-January.

Here are her five suggestions that encourage a healthier day-to-day lifestyle. Read more…

B.C.’s special needs kids are waiting far too long for much needed therapies and services.

Yesterday, I posted a link on my Facebook page, which told the story of a four year old Autistic boy named Finn.  Unfortunately, Finn’s story is a common one in our province, where children with special needs are waiting extraordinary amounts of time for much needed therapies and services.  As the sister of a developmentally challenged brother, I know how important early intervention is and how it can make a huge difference to the quality of life led by these individuals.  Finn is four years old and still does not speak.  Parents,  I want you to imagine that…my son is four and he never STOPS chattering away.  On the rare occasions when he can’t find words to express himself he gets incredibly frustrated (and so do I).  This is Finn and his parents’ world a lot of the time.  Their child is four and cannot communicate with them…and they have to wait for the much needed help they deserve and need.

With other cuts to the system, individuals like Finn will face further obstacles as they age.  Many community work programs have undergone drastic funding cuts, meaning some challenged adults have lost their jobs.  These jobs could include a simple sweeping position at a local grocer, or a dog walking position at the veterinarian’s office.  As simple as they may be, these positions are so important; they ensure that these B.C. citizens are valued, proud and contributing members of our communities.

What do wait times and cuts like these tell parents and families of those with developmental challenges? Sorry…but “Families First” does not include you.

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