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“Mama, there’s a man in here.”: talking about Trans inclusive change rooms at Vancouver pools

A friend of mine was recently telling me about an experience she had at Hillcrest pool. She had been swimming with her two daughters (8 and 12) and they were back in the women’s change room. As she was changing, my friend noticed her youngest daughter’s face change as she whispered, “Mama…there’s a man in here.” Read more…

Renovating in Vancouver: let’s get this party started

Aaaaaaaaaaand…we’re off!

After a few more weeks of back and forth with our architect and contractor after learning our original plans were going to set us back waaaaay too much in terms of structural upgrades, our upstairs renovation is finally underway. Read more…

Whispers from the Westside: getting the hell out


A while back I wrote a post about how some Westside preschools were having to close down due to lack of enrolment.  Whether this is because of a need for more full-time childcare or because there simply aren’t enough children in the neighbourhood to fill them up remains to be seen.  I did, however, receive a very interesting e-mail from a reader (wishing to remain anonymous).  Read below: Read more…

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