the thirties grind

get up, go to work, raise kids, pay bills, sleep. repeat.



Life in your thirties is a grind. It really is. It was not until recently that I realized that most of us in our thirties are in the same boat…a boat that almost always feels like it is slowly sinking! We have debts, kids, mortgages…responsibilities!! It can be overwhelming and hard to find what, exactly, is pleasurable about this stage of life. The stage we all thought about when we were young as the time when we would “have it all figured out.” Well, guess what, we don’t! Times are tough, money is tight and the day to day feels like an uphill climb.

But, there are the little things that seem to make it all worth it! Things like owning your first (run down, fixer upper) home and welcoming little ones into your (messed up) world. All sarcasm aside the grind is worth it. Isn’t it?

What people are saying about The Thirties Grind:

Melissa Carr and represents the promise of the Internet. Citizens educating citizens about their communities. Online voices, from parents and others, help frame issues for journalists who too often rely on politicians, professional activists and the business elite. Mark Hasiuk, columnist Vancouver Courier

As a “thirty-something” mother of two little boys, living and working in Vancouver, I have to say catching up on the “The Thirties Grind” is the highlight of my day. I challenge anyone to find a funnier, better researched, topical portrayal of the trials and tribulations of parenting, living and laughing in this city!! Marnie Steele, Executive Recruiter, Search West

I am a big fan of Melissa’s blog The Thirties Grind. It has a unique and engaging tone and is right on speed with how so many of us are feeling at this point in our lives. Melissa writes from a fresh perspective and has experienced much success very early on in her blogging career – this doesn’t come easily and without hard work. On a personal note, I have known Melissa for many years and always impressed how she blends her career, family, entrepreneurial pursuits and community involvement together. It takes a lot of work to do this all very well but Melissa makes it look easy. She’s a dynamo! Jen Schaeffers, Founder Top Vancouver Mom Blogger, 2012!


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