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Love your fellow Mama

This morning, my daughter had cross country practice. I was surprised when she said she wanted to join the team because (a) she’s not really a runner and (b) it would mean getting up earlier than usual and my girl likes her sleep. The first few practices, she jumped out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast and skipped down the road to school. Today, however, my early wake-up call was met with a lot of resistance.

With a little encouragement and positive talk, we got her to the practice on time. I’d like to say that this is the case every time we have a struggle in the morning, but it is definitely not. Many, many mornings are spent nagging and negotiating and yelling. I feel depleted and defeated, collapsing into my car to get to work…guilt gnawing at the pit of my stomach all the way there. I imagine my kids going through their day with the same feeling and I wonder if they feel sad and mad at me all day at school.

However, when I see them later on, they are not harboring any ill will or residual angst from the mornings chaos. They meet me with smiles and hugs…we’re all good. And, so it goes. Read more…

This school year I plan to help my children fail.

Next week, my two kiddos head back to school.

tumblr_nfxv2aemDe1qk8j8do8_250I’m completely grateful for the summer we’ve had but, man oh man, are we ready to get back to routine and bedtimes and less…er…togetherness.

This school year I have decided that I want to help set my kids up to be more independent. Not that I don’t want them to need or want my help, but I do want them to be able to do some things on their own. Our mornings are often a nightmare. I wake up with the intention of putting my best foot forward…the intention of not yelling and shouting and losing my f*%cking mind. Things, more often than not, go to shit and I’m left feeling deflated after I drop the kids to school…beating myself up over how I could have done things better. Read more…

B.C.’s new education curriculum sounds great, but is it really possible?

kids onlineI think that the media likes to stir shit when it comes to BC Education…they know it’s a very, very touchy subject. Yesterday’s article in the Vancouver Sun addressed “major changes” coming to British Columbia’s education curriculum. Changes that would be “optional” for K-9 this year, but mandatory next year.

Education Minister Mike Bernier said the transition is happening because parents want their kids to succeed as technology and innovation reshape society.

“Parents expect their kids to learn the basics — reading, writing and arithmetic. They also want them to learn the collaboration, critical thinking and communications skills they’ll need to succeed in college, university and the workforce,” says Bernier.

“Personalized learning is at the heart of the changes — and teachers will have the time and ability to help kids dig into what interests them. We all know how passionate kids can be when they get into something like music, soccer, or dinosaurs. The new curriculum will give teachers the ability to tap into these passions.”

From The Vancouver Sun (read the full story here).

Read more…

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